Sunday, February 20, 2011

workout with wheels

I felt like I needed to relieve some stress/tension tonight, but it was too dark for a run. So, I hopped on the exercise bike we have tucked away in the "storage" portion of our basement - aka the part I don't call my "area." That's always fun as I'm crowded in by "stuff" that we've stashed back there. Kind of relaxing though because it takes me away from everything for awhile. I usually take my laptop and look up a movie or show I want to watch while I ride. Or I take my Nook and read for awhile.

Tonight, I biked for an hour and a half and went 20miles. Ridiculous!! (and not intentional) It started with my show not loading up - grr - and then I got a phone I talked. And then I started my show because it finally loaded - and then I got another phone call (pretty popular tonight! It doesn't happen often - maybe once in a blue moon lol), so I talked again...and then finally got back to watching my show. By then, I was pulled in to the episode and wanted to "ride it out" (haha....pun intended!) until it was over. So, that landed me at 20miles. Too bad running 20miles is much more difficult than biking it!!!

I must say that I do feel less stressed/tense. Exercise is great like that! Since I started running, I've always said that my students could probably tell when I've been running and when I haven't. I seem to be more easy going. Good or bad - it is what it is!

Happy new week, everyone! Enjoy it.

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