Saturday, February 19, 2011

made #1

I've been admiring a skirt tutorial on a blog for a couple weeks now. I decided to give it a shot last night.

I made my first skirt!

Well. I made a bubble skirt once, but it was entirely too short. Like - can't bend over/when you sit down, you're not sitting on your skirt - type of short. So, I cut it up and made fabruckets for a friend's Christmas gift with the fabric. The fabric was much better suited to fabruckets.

Anyhoo - so I made a skirt last night. I used some old fabric my mom gave me - white curtain fabric with a floral print in pinks, reds, greens, and blues.

I finished it in about 2 1/2 hours - not too shabby for me and a new pattern!

No pictures yet. I'm still in my pj's - trying to motivate myself to go running (did I mention that I made cupcakes last night....and ate one for breakfast this morning? oof! I need to run...). I'll get picture soon and share them with you. :)

Happy Saturday, everyone!


Update on Sunday night: So, I have a picture of me in the skirt, but it's not that lovely. lol I'll add it tomorrow. In the meantime, I've made another skirt, and I LOVE LOVE it!! I just need to get an invisible zipper to put in it, and then I'll get a picture of it as well. It turned out much better. Yay for a sewing machine, fabric, and creative moods!

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