Sunday, February 27, 2011

didn't do the 4.5mile run

I did a 5mile run!! Yay! :D

My day was a little crazy yesterday. I got up around 7:30-ish, but it was definitely too cold to run at that time. My poor body was screaming for me to get back in the bed after I walked Izzy, but I stayed up...sitting around the house in my running clothes (hmm, motivation maybe?).

Well, I gave myself until 10:00 - I was going to just sit around and relax until then. Around 10:00, my mom called me about a serger sale at a fabric store in town. So, what'd I do? I told her that I couldn't come check it out because, of course, I was planning my run for 10:00 and I must get it done.

Yeah, no. That's not what happened. I hopped in the car, went to the fabric store, and bought a new serger and a bias tape maker (yay!!! I hate making bias tape!!!). By the time I left and was heading home, it was about 12:00, and my precious nephew's 2 y/o birthday party was scheduled for 1:00. So, of course I wouldn't have time to run - it'd have to wait.

Nope! I decided that I could go to the party stinky and sweaty. So, I went for my run. As I was approaching the 4.5mile point, I realized that I was still a ways from my car, but Eli's party was quickly approaching. Soooo...I kept running and covered another 1/2 mile so that I could get to my car faster. Yay! I must say that this is the first time I've ever ran extra during a pre-determined distance run. It felt great!!

I also think I had a great run because I didn't listen to music (an absolute must for me). Instead, I listened to the Daily Audio Bible podcast. Can I just say that I love this podcast? It reads through the Bible with you over the year...but it's all audio. It was great to run as I listened to Leviticus (it was about clean and unclean food regulations in the OT), Mark (great reminders through the stories of the woman who was healed by touching Jesus' robe, and also Jairus' daughter's healing), Psalms and Proverbs (the scripture from Mark was so thought provoking for me that I didn't completely catch what Psalms and Proverbs said for the day).

Anyhoo - I noticed that I was running faster during this run, and I think it's because my cadence wasn't competing with the rhythms of the songs. So, that may be my new thing. I'll listen to the DAB podcast while I run.

P.S. more about the serger and bias tape maker will come later!! hehe


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