Wednesday, February 23, 2011

rain check

Today's run will require a rain check - though not because it's raining.

Being a 1st grade teacher requires me to be pretty active, right? Well, not today. Our principal got all of us 1st grade teachers subs so that we could have a day of planning for the rest of this year and for next year. So, we sat in a room all day. All. Day. Long. One of my students' parents went out to get us lunch...and we ate in the room. We had a couple potty breaks. But, we got LOTS done. Finished just about all of our long range plans for next year (basically, when we will teach what) and some other housekeeping type things. Mr. H also got us subs for a day in April, so we will finish up our LRP then and do other "fun" things on that day.

So, you'd think I'd be bursting with all of this energy, making my run much easier, right? Eh, maybe if the day had landed at another time of the month. After work, I went by the church where I do children's ministry to meet with the pastor, which got me home around 5:30. I'm beat! Right now, all I want to do is curl up with a heating pad and eat lots of chocolate.

3.5 miles didn't happen today, but it will tomorrow!! :D

happy chocolate eating, everyone!


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