Monday, March 21, 2011


I know that You can do all things; no plan of Yours can be thwarted. Job 42:2

This is my verse for this season of my life.

(Can I just say, without disregarding the sincerity of this post, that the word thwarted is a pretty funny word?!)


Friday, March 18, 2011

i ran

I went for a run this morning! I did 5k in about 30minutes. It was a little rough because I haven't run in several weeks, but I did it, and I'm glad I did. :)


Thursday, March 17, 2011

sprints vs distance

Kickball. Tons of fun, right? Definitely!

Our school formed a team of teachers to battle another school's team of teachers in a game of kickball.

We're such tough competitors, aren't we? Be very afraid!
(Yes, the tutu made an appearance!)

We had an absolute BLAST! There were tons of laughs, a few confusing moments, and hopefully we were able to raise some funds through concessions for our schools. Our school didn't win (sad!), but that's alright. I hear there will be a rematch next year (hopefully), and we're supposed to actually strategize and practice maybe once. ...we'll see!

So, that's the background to my post. Now for my point. :)

I can go out and run 5miles, no problem. I actually enjoy it, oddly enough (a year and a half ago, I would have laughed in your face if you told me to run 5miles). So, I should be fine running around some silly bases, right? HA! Good gravy, my thighs are STILL bothering me! I didn't realize sprints worked a completely different sets of muscles than distance running. But, now I do!!

Speaking of running, which I speak of often, I haven't run since last week. This week has been rough with my grandpa's funeral, and then some things at work (prayers appreciated!), so I haven't gotten out for a run at all this week. We're furloughed tomorrow though, so I'm hoping to get out for a run while I'm off.

And one more thing. If you haven't watched the new show Coming Home, you should definitely check it out! Just have some tissues handy. :)


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in His word I put my hope. Ps 130:5

That doesn't say "I will wait for the Lord." No, it's in the present tense - it's right here and right now.

What does it look like to wait? Different people do it in different ways.

Waiting for recess in my 1st grade classroom is pretty difficult. My students are constantly asking if it is time to go out yet, watching the clock very closely (although they're not exactly experts at telling time - even when they try to tell me it's time to go out), and wiggling in anticipation. They're not exactly very patient wait-ers.

Waiting for my sister's attention is difficult for her two oldest children, however she has definitely trained them to be more patient in their waiting. If she is talking on the phone or with someone that is there and her children want to tell her something, they've been taught to put their hand on her arm until she has a moment to speak with them. Do they do this always? No way. But, do they do this at times and with reminders? Certainly! I think it is the most ingenious idea ever - I've even thought about implementing something of the sort in my classroom...but it'd be difficult to have 21 little hands on my arm at the same time since they all need me at once. :) So, although my sister's children are bursting with some important piece of information, they can wait semi-patiently by practicing what their momma has taught them.

Waiting at a stop light is not always fun. I was running to Target one night this week, and while I was sitting in the turn only lane, I sat through at least 3 red lights - all of which skipped our left turn signal. Yes, I was a little impatient. But, I waited, at when the light turned green for me to turn, I was so super excited and pumped!!

Waiting on God and His timing is sometimes hard as well. Okay, let's be honest - it's usually a hard thing to do. But think about it - when we are patiently waiting for something, the moment it happens is much sweeter than if we were fretting the whole time. And as humans, we're not exactly born as great wait-ers. It's something we are taught (or not taught, depending on the parents). It's the same thing with God. He teaches us to wait.

So, I wait. My whole being - heart, mind, will - wait on His timing for His blessings in my life.

Hopefully there is a bit of patience in my waiting.

Friday, March 11, 2011

going home

Over the past few years, my family has had to deal with a lot of death. December of 2008, Uncle Mike was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. In February of 2009, just a month and a half later, he died from it. Then, in December of 2009, my grandma died. And just last night, my grandpa died.

He was an amazing man. Full of love, a deep passion for flowers and gardening, and fun fun laughs. He was tall, strong, and strikingly handsome. He always reminded me of an older Andy Griffith, and everyone knows his good looks. :)

He told my parents this past fall that he had a talk with God. He said that God told him he would be going home in the springtime. And he did. The weather is changing, warmer days are coming, and we're soaking up the springtime weather.

We may have lost three very special and dear people in our lives, but they are now partying with Jesus in heaven. Selfishly, I want Grandpa to stay here with us. I want him back - the old grandpa that I knew and loved growing up. Selflessly and joyously, I celebrate in the fact that God chose to heal him completely and make him whole again.

In the midst of our pain, there is a bright hope for tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

esty shop memo & a real rain check

Just fyi - the etsy shop is in my sister's name, not mine. Soooo...although it says Jennifer S., I'm there too! :)

I sold this little bag today.

Time to make more stuff!!! :D

So, I was planning on a good run this afternoon. Took my running clothes to work and everything - couldn't wait! It was going to be the perfect ending to a work day that included a PTO-catered Italian lunch - yum!!! (Thanks, PTO moms!!! You rock!!)

So, I stayed for a yearbook committee meeting as we wrestled with the yearbook software (we will prevail!!), and the closer it got to my marvelous afternoon run, the worse it looked outside. My teacher friend (and just friend in general!) Ashley kept asking if I was sure about going running this afternoon. Well, I was at the time...until I left. By then, the sky had opened up and it was POURING rain. Craziness!!

So, needless to say, no run today. Instead, I headed to Old Navy with a "free ankle jeans" coupon one of my students had given me. I tried on some "ankle jeans" (aka capris...or any jean that showed your ankle - who knew? lol), fell in love with a cute sun dress, decided I looked terrible in Old Navy's "ankle jeans" (something about my big hips/thighs just doesn't mix with them), and bought the lovely dress along with a few other things. So, although I didn't get my run in, it was a good afternoon of shopping. I actually forgot about the monsoon outside while I was looking around Old Navy....that is until I had to swim back to my car to head home.

Will try again tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the itch

I've got an itch.
an itch to sew!!!

I've been finding more and more adorably cute bag patterns lately (all kinds of bags!!), and I can't wait to get started with making them!! I've been busy making tutus for people (btw - if you'd like one, I'll make you one for $20! Just let me know.....these are not on my etsy shop), so I haven't had much time for pleasure sewing, I reckon. Not that I don't enjoy making tutus - I do! They're pretty relaxing to make. I'm just ready for some bags!!

I'll throw some pictures on whenever I've gotten some made!

Hope you can wait until then! :D


Sunday, March 6, 2011

my first sale

I sold my first item on my etsy shop!!!! WOOOHOOO!

I was actually a little sad to see it go, but I'm so super excited about selling something. :)

Such a cute wristlet! It found a new home in Murphy, NC. I may have to make myself one. I still have some of that fabric left.

Here's to many more items sold! :D

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Get Your Rear in Gear a pink tutu!

Last year, when I was just getting into running, one of my students' parents mentioned putting together a team for the Get Your Rear in Gear 5k benefiting colon cancer. I jumped on the chance to be in the team, and we were eventually named the Wise Cracks (haha!).

We ran the race again today. Our team just about doubled this time though! We are teachers, spouses, friends, and children. Here we are...

(You've guessed it - I'm the one in the pink tutu.)

My big brother Aaron (affectionately known as Bubba to me) ran in the race as well.

I helped him pin his race number on.

*ahem* Can I just say that I beat my big brother in the race?! :D Aaah...victory! I still love him though...and of course, he still loves me...even if I do rub it in his face just a few times. :)

Quick picture before the race.

The race went really well. I didn't remember the course being very hilly, and it really wasn't. There were a few hills, but not an abundance, and they were completely bearable.

I always do a really big sprint at the end of the race, trying to beat the clock.
I must say that I'm pretty much a beast at running when I do this.
I run hard, and I run fast.
If only I could run that hard and fast during the whole race - I'd beat the pants off everyone there!

Okay, time for this race. The clock as I crossed the finished said I ran it in 30min 36sec (boo!!). But when I started thinking about the course, they didn't really time it very fairly. Instead of starting your timed chip when you crossed the start line (having it be a true measure of your race), they started timing when they started the race. So, although I was probably in the middle of the pack, meaning I didn't cross the start until probably a minute or so after the first people did, they timed me as if I started at the front of the pack.

That being said, I checked my Nike+ time, and I ran the race in 28min 59sec!!!!! Yes, yes...that is UNDER 30min, people!! Woo!! I was so proud!!


Side story! So, in the last picture I have up there, take a peek at the tall guy with the blue shorts on. Okay, now rewind to last month when I ran the Cupid's Cup 5k race. This guy was standing around near me and some friends waiting for that race to start. He talked with me a little about my tutu - he was wearing bright pink shorts, so we teased about switching so I would wear his bright pink shorts and he would wear my pink tutu. I saw him briefly after the race, we said good race, and went our separate ways.

Fast forward again to this morning and this race. Shortly after the race began this morning, this random guy ran up beside me and was like, "HEY!!! Remember me?! Wanna trade still?!" It startled me, but totally made me laugh!! He continued running...buuut! I caught back up with him and finished just a second or two behind him at the end of the race. I wanted so bad to run back up beside him and catch his attention before we crossed the finish, but he was just a hair too quick. That's okay though. I still finished in under 30minutes. :)


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


My approach to Zumba? Lots and lots of bouncing! I do the movements and motions of the dance, but I add my own little bonce to everything I do. I'm not exactly sure why - an abundance of energy, an attempt to burn more calories during the workout, or maybe just my insecurities thinking that if I bounce around, I'll look like I know what I'm doing. ha - Not the last one for sure!

Today was Zumba Tuesday at work - love it! Jana, our instructor, is so much fun! She had several new songs for us today, which are always fun! I think this is about our 6th or 7th week doing it, so I've gotten used to the songs we do regularly. The new songs definitely put me in my place and remind me that no, I'm not that great at shaking my hips....and no, I'm not really all that coordinated. But!! They are super fun. :) I usually find myself jumping around/bouncing even more on the new songs because I'm still learning them. But when I get a certain dance or progression of moves that I couldn't do the week before, I get so excited!

Anyhoo - so the whole purpose of my post was to tell you about the Zumbathon! Jana got us (my friend Ashley and I) to do it, and I'm super excited! It's the 12th, and we'll do Zumba for 2 hours with 9 different instructors (I think she said 9). We'll just zoom through the different instructors, who all have different styles and focuses in their Zumba approach, and have lots of fun doing so! Ashley and I signed up and paid today...and we got some fun Zumba shirts too! Yay! Can't wait to tell you about it after the 12th!

I think I'll wear my tutu. :)