Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome back ... and some exciting news!

Welcome back, running legs. Oh how I have missed thee. Our runs lately have been a great stress release, and I can't wait to run with you again. Tomorrow morning, shall we?


I went for a 4.75mi run today, and it was great...but my Nike+ didn't log it for some reason. I'm so sad about this!!! Yes, I know that I went running, but I want my Nike+ to know too so that it can put it in the challenges I joined and towards my next distance level on the website. Sad times.

On another note - I'm about to start another great adventure!! :D I received a flier in the mail about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's training program called Team In Training (TNT). In a nutshell, they train you to participate in some sort of event (half or full marathon, triathlon, bike race, etc.) in exchange for you raising money for the society (with which they fund blood cancer research, aid to blood cancer patients, and many other things).

I went to an informational meeting last night about it, and I am SO extremely pumped!!! I've decided to train for the Walt Disney World Full Marathon, which is the first full weekend of January. We'll run our full marathon that Sunday, and it will take us through the park. We'll apparently be approaching the finish line with the Disney characters!! I can't wait - it sounds like such a great time!!

As part of the TNT program, our training team will meet on Tuesday nights to discuss the mechanics of running - running form, gear, and fueling yourself for runs. We'll then meet early Saturday mornings to increase our mileage. They'll also give us a schedule to follow on the in between days with runs and cross training days in there. Such a great chance for encouragement and some one-on-one training!! I cannot wait! I've always wanted to at least talk with a running coach, and this opportunity will have me working with one twice a week! WOO!!

One of the neat things about this program is that it definitely puts a purpose behind your running. I won't be running to just finish the race or prove something to myself and my body, I'll be running to help blood cancer research and cures. Our team will be partnered with a blood cancer patient, and we'll build a friendship with this person as we learn about their disease, treatment, and struggles they face. For myself, I'll have my uncle in mind. Although he did not suffer from a blood cancer, he did have a form of cancer that quickly took his life. Watching him (and my aunt & cousin) go through his treatments and life-altering procedures completely changed my own life and my perspective on life. I can't imagine how it is to be the person going through it. For these people, I will run.

As I said in the first part of this novel, the TNT program trains us to run in exchange for fund raising moneys. So, as a participant in this program, I will work towards a fund raising goal of $3,500. 75% of this money will go directly towards blood cancer research/patient outreach, and the remaining 25% will be used to fund my flight tickets, hotel stay, event registration, and some of my meals. I do not have my fund raising website set up yet (it will be done for me by the TNT people), but once I do, I will post the link be checking back to find out how you can help send me to Disney and help find a cure for blood cancers!!

Okay - so, I do believe that I am done with my novel. I've been wanting to post about this new adventure that I'll be embarking on, but I didn't want to do so until after the informational meeting. :) Let me know what you think!! And don't forget to check back for more progress reports. I do believe I'm back in the great game of running.


Sunday, July 4, 2010


Sometimes, you get into these slums of life. I feel like I'm in one of those right now, and it doesn't help that I haven't had a good run in over 2 weeks now.

Hopefully tomorrow will be the day.