Sunday, March 18, 2012

tis the season...

To run in the evenings!!!  It's hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!

Yesterday's 4.9 mile run was tough. I got up and had some breakfast at 9:00, then headed to my grandparents' house around 11:00 to dig up some daffodil plants that are still around from when Grandpa was doing his gardening years ago.

(The patch of daffodils I got them from)

Honestly, I was hoping to dig up all of these to transplant at my house. However, after digging for awhile, I realized there were TONS and TONS of daffodils here. I basically dug up one small portion of what you see, and this is what I ended up with...

(My daffodil babies)

Bekah came over when I was just about done, and we headed over to my house to plant them there. I did a row on each side of my storage shed in the backyard. Before I planted them, I counted how many I had gotten.

Are you ready for this?

I dug up about 105 daffodil plants! Crazy!! I could totally put them all over my yard and not have to worry about grass again because the pretty daffodils would take over. I think I'll refrain from doing that though.

So, I was finished with the gardening around 2:00, and then I decided to head out for my run.

About halfway through, I remembered that I hadn't eaten anything since my breakfast at 9:00 that morning. And then I also realized that it was much hotter than I expected!

I actually stopped at one point and asked a random guy for a glass of water. He was outside playing with his 2 year old son (he looked to be able 2). He went in and got me a bottle of water. Then, as I was walking so I could drink the water, a lady asked if I needed anymore water. (I must have looked pretty bad lol) She said to feel free to stop by her house for water anytime. Hopefully that won't be a need though!

I think I'm going to start running in the early evenings now. It's getting so much hotter these days, and I can't seem to run my best in the heat. I'm thinking 6 or 7PM would be much nicer!

For now, I'll have to be happy with my 4.9mile run that I did in about 54 minutes.


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