Monday, March 5, 2012

1.5 miles ... I'm okay with that!

Well, it's been over a week since I've had a good run. I couldn't stand it any longer today. I had to get out there for a run. 1) for my sanity and 2) for my waistline. grr.

But we won't go there.

So, I set my sights high again and was hoping for a 5k run today. ha. My calves aren't THAT much better right now, I reckon.

I went about a mile and a half and decided my calves were going from "uncomfortable" to "painful" at that point, so I decided to walk home. But then I looked at my phone and I had gone 1.46mile, so I made myself go the extra 0.04 to top it off at 1.5mile.

So glad I did! I feel much better about a 1.5mile run than a 1.46mile run. Wouldn't you?

I still have a 5k race on Saturday, so I'm hoping for at least a 2.5mile run before then.

Good thing is that while I was walking Izzy after my run, my calves completely stopped hurting. So, that's pretty exciting!!

On a random note, I'm in the process of planning a very real post soon. "Real" as in totally what my heart has been feeling lately about some things. I just haven't gotten around to fleshing it out into words yet.


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