Tuesday, March 27, 2012

some randomness

For some reason, I feel like today should be Wednesday or Thursday. Maybe that's because I'm taking Friday off to drive to Charleston for Saturday's Cooper River Bridge Run.

Did I mention that I'm running the Cooper River Bridge Run on Saturday? Well, I am! I'm so excited!! I need to look up my time from last year so that I can try to beat it.

I saw The Hunger Games last night! It was an EXCELLENT movie!! My friend Bekah went with me, and we're both itching to see the second one now! She hasn't read the books, so she wasn't expecting the movie to just stop mid-story. Keeps you wanting to see more! (PS - Just in my I-don't-have-kids-yet opinion, if you're thinking about taking your young child - aka not in HS - to see it, I would rethink it. It is pretty rough in some spots with the "game" scenes. Just my $0.02 though!)

1. I got to hold little Mr. Toby during church on Sunday morning. (Having nursery does have it's perks, eh?) i. love. him. seriously.
2. I'm hooked on edamame! I found it in the frozen section of Aldi, where I do 90% of my grocery shopping, so I snagged several bags. I've now eaten about a bag and a half since Friday. Yum!
3. I did some more planting last week! I now have some of Grandpa's daffodils around my mailbox. I'm pretty certain that I did not inherit his green thumb. Sad times.
4. I locked us (a 9 year old, a 2 year old, and myself) out of the house while I was babysitting last week. It wasn't so terrible though. We had fun!

I was supposed to run 5.4 miles yesterday, but the movie plans definitely trumped those plans.

I was planning on running the 5.4 miles today since I didn't run them yesterday, however I have been sitting here on my couch like a bump on a log all evening. I can't seem to get going.

So, I'm watching The Biggest Loser (which I normally don't watch), and they mentioned Zumba. Think that's a sign? heh

Spring break is 2 days away (well, really 3...but again, I'm taking Friday off! Yay!). What are you planning for Spring Break with your kids, or if you don't have kids, what about Easter with your family?


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