Tuesday, March 1, 2011


My approach to Zumba? Lots and lots of bouncing! I do the movements and motions of the dance, but I add my own little bonce to everything I do. I'm not exactly sure why - an abundance of energy, an attempt to burn more calories during the workout, or maybe just my insecurities thinking that if I bounce around, I'll look like I know what I'm doing. ha - Not the last one for sure!

Today was Zumba Tuesday at work - love it! Jana, our instructor, is so much fun! She had several new songs for us today, which are always fun! I think this is about our 6th or 7th week doing it, so I've gotten used to the songs we do regularly. The new songs definitely put me in my place and remind me that no, I'm not that great at shaking my hips....and no, I'm not really all that coordinated. But!! They are super fun. :) I usually find myself jumping around/bouncing even more on the new songs because I'm still learning them. But when I get a certain dance or progression of moves that I couldn't do the week before, I get so excited!

Anyhoo - so the whole purpose of my post was to tell you about the Zumbathon! Jana got us (my friend Ashley and I) to do it, and I'm super excited! It's the 12th, and we'll do Zumba for 2 hours with 9 different instructors (I think she said 9). We'll just zoom through the different instructors, who all have different styles and focuses in their Zumba approach, and have lots of fun doing so! Ashley and I signed up and paid today...and we got some fun Zumba shirts too! Yay! Can't wait to tell you about it after the 12th!

I think I'll wear my tutu. :)


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