Saturday, March 5, 2011

Get Your Rear in Gear a pink tutu!

Last year, when I was just getting into running, one of my students' parents mentioned putting together a team for the Get Your Rear in Gear 5k benefiting colon cancer. I jumped on the chance to be in the team, and we were eventually named the Wise Cracks (haha!).

We ran the race again today. Our team just about doubled this time though! We are teachers, spouses, friends, and children. Here we are...

(You've guessed it - I'm the one in the pink tutu.)

My big brother Aaron (affectionately known as Bubba to me) ran in the race as well.

I helped him pin his race number on.

*ahem* Can I just say that I beat my big brother in the race?! :D Aaah...victory! I still love him though...and of course, he still loves me...even if I do rub it in his face just a few times. :)

Quick picture before the race.

The race went really well. I didn't remember the course being very hilly, and it really wasn't. There were a few hills, but not an abundance, and they were completely bearable.

I always do a really big sprint at the end of the race, trying to beat the clock.
I must say that I'm pretty much a beast at running when I do this.
I run hard, and I run fast.
If only I could run that hard and fast during the whole race - I'd beat the pants off everyone there!

Okay, time for this race. The clock as I crossed the finished said I ran it in 30min 36sec (boo!!). But when I started thinking about the course, they didn't really time it very fairly. Instead of starting your timed chip when you crossed the start line (having it be a true measure of your race), they started timing when they started the race. So, although I was probably in the middle of the pack, meaning I didn't cross the start until probably a minute or so after the first people did, they timed me as if I started at the front of the pack.

That being said, I checked my Nike+ time, and I ran the race in 28min 59sec!!!!! Yes, yes...that is UNDER 30min, people!! Woo!! I was so proud!!


Side story! So, in the last picture I have up there, take a peek at the tall guy with the blue shorts on. Okay, now rewind to last month when I ran the Cupid's Cup 5k race. This guy was standing around near me and some friends waiting for that race to start. He talked with me a little about my tutu - he was wearing bright pink shorts, so we teased about switching so I would wear his bright pink shorts and he would wear my pink tutu. I saw him briefly after the race, we said good race, and went our separate ways.

Fast forward again to this morning and this race. Shortly after the race began this morning, this random guy ran up beside me and was like, "HEY!!! Remember me?! Wanna trade still?!" It startled me, but totally made me laugh!! He continued running...buuut! I caught back up with him and finished just a second or two behind him at the end of the race. I wanted so bad to run back up beside him and catch his attention before we crossed the finish, but he was just a hair too quick. That's okay though. I still finished in under 30minutes. :)


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  1. You have made the challenge for Aaron now...better watch out, he'll be out to beat you next race. It was fun to see you both racing and you both made me so proud!