Wednesday, March 9, 2011

esty shop memo & a real rain check

Just fyi - the etsy shop is in my sister's name, not mine. Soooo...although it says Jennifer S., I'm there too! :)

I sold this little bag today.

Time to make more stuff!!! :D

So, I was planning on a good run this afternoon. Took my running clothes to work and everything - couldn't wait! It was going to be the perfect ending to a work day that included a PTO-catered Italian lunch - yum!!! (Thanks, PTO moms!!! You rock!!)

So, I stayed for a yearbook committee meeting as we wrestled with the yearbook software (we will prevail!!), and the closer it got to my marvelous afternoon run, the worse it looked outside. My teacher friend (and just friend in general!) Ashley kept asking if I was sure about going running this afternoon. Well, I was at the time...until I left. By then, the sky had opened up and it was POURING rain. Craziness!!

So, needless to say, no run today. Instead, I headed to Old Navy with a "free ankle jeans" coupon one of my students had given me. I tried on some "ankle jeans" (aka capris...or any jean that showed your ankle - who knew? lol), fell in love with a cute sun dress, decided I looked terrible in Old Navy's "ankle jeans" (something about my big hips/thighs just doesn't mix with them), and bought the lovely dress along with a few other things. So, although I didn't get my run in, it was a good afternoon of shopping. I actually forgot about the monsoon outside while I was looking around Old Navy....that is until I had to swim back to my car to head home.

Will try again tomorrow!


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