Saturday, May 15, 2010

10k race done!

I ran my first 10k today!!! I did it in 1:02:50 (give or take some seconds). It was a little different just because it's the first run that I've gone to alone. My parents are extremely supportive of my running, and they always come to my runs, but they were both busy today. So, I went by myself. I ended up safety pinning my car key to the inside of my sports bra (sorry, guys) so I wouldn't have to hold it while I ran. Surprisingly, that was a perfect solution. I'll have to take more trips to the park to run now that I know what to do with my car key.

I was a little numb (emotionally) at the beginning of the run. I kept having to remind myself that I was running a 10k, not a 5k, and that I could in fact complete the whole distance running. "10k" became my mantra as I ran, and I just recited it over and over in my head throughout the race. That seemed to help somehow. I finished strong and was pretty surprised by my time since I thought I was pretty pokey during the whole thing. I brought up the rear with the last 50 people running the 10k, but that's alright! I did it. :)

The cool thing about this program and me doing it, so many people have asked me about how I've done it and how they can start. It's such a great way to motivate people and encourage them. So, that's worth everything to know that I've inspired some people somehow!!

Happy running, friends. :)

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  1. Woohooooo...I see a marathon in your future! Love ya, Mom