Friday, April 27, 2012

watching them grow

One of my favorite things about teaching is watching my students grow throughout the school year.

Seeing them grow leaps and bounds in reading.

Watching their love of math develop through the weeks.

Hearing their imaginative stories about volcanoes, dinosaurs, and venus fly traps. Yes. Venus fly traps. Everyday. :)

I'm actually hoping to find a venus fly trap to get for my classroom since they are so interested.

I looked into getting seeds, but they take too long to germinate.

These little guys though...

We planted seeds one day last week. On Friday to be exact.

Lots of seeds. LOTS.

Sunflowers, cosmos, zinnias, celosias, marigolds. Even rye grass.

The students have been so excited to come everyday to see that the plants have germinated, sprouted, and now growing leaves. Some of the students have learned the hard way that some seeds germinate sooner than others. Sunflowers are the fastest. Celosias has so far been the slowest.

Today, we decided to transplant the little guys into pots. We took them out of the little mesh bag things they were in, and put them into pots so they can continue growing into pretty plants to give their mommas for Mother's Day.

As I was separating the seedlings into the pots, my students were SO excited.

They could see the roots! And some of them had the little seed covers still on the leaves.

They were also very impressed that they could see the roots coming out of the soil. I assured them that this meant it was time to transplant them!

Roots are so neat!! (Okay okay, I may have been just as excited as my students the whole time!) 

This one was also very exciting to see! 

It was germinating, but it hadn't come up above the soil yet! This was so cool!

Some of them were worried the plants were going to die because we were moving them. However, I explained that if we do it carefully and make sure the roots are buried correctly, they should be fine.

I should have taken a picture of the pots, but I didn't think about it.

Can't wait to see these little guys grow bigger! Love them!

Both the plants and my students.


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  1. Yea..I found your new blog. It said I was already a follower, but have not been getting notices that you have posted, so I joined again. Loved reading about your growing children and seeds - you are doing a great job with both! Congratulations on getting into Graduate School - you make me proud in all you accomplish. Love you bunches, Mom