Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break

My spring break started out pretty open and relaxing. It quickly filled up with something to do everyday. Not that I minded though - the things that filled up my time were actually people.

7 little people whom I love an awful lot.
(Top row are my brother's boys: Malachi, Eli, and Levi.
Bottom row are my sister's four: Timothy, Taralyn, Tess, and Toby)
I've often said that I love these little people so much that I'm not sure how I'll love my own children any more one day. I know I will, but my heart just bursts with love for these little ones.

Monday was pretty uneventful. I actually can't remember what I did. lol Must not have been very much, eh? Tuesday, I went strawberry picking with my sister's family. None of us had ever been before. It was so much fun!

This little girl ate strawberries the whole time.
She was cracking me up.
Tess had a blast picking the strawberries!
And this dude was a strawberry picking machine!
He could have picked 5 more baskets. Seriously.

This was taken at the park because our strawberry patch pictures
of Toby weren't that great.
I love goofy baby faces!! And I love this little cuddle bug. :)
And of course, we couldn't leave without a family picture!
On Wednesday, I kept my brother's three boys in the morning. We bummed around their house for about an hour, and then met my sister and her family at the park for some fun.

This little man wasn't in the sunniest of moods when we got there.
He brightened up later on though!
Malachi loved digging through the dirt to find bugs!
(He wasn't too excited about smiling for all of my pictures though, so he chose to hide.)
I did get one unhidden smile out of him!
(My settings were just a tad off though. I'm still learning!)

I'm amazed at how old this young man has become in no time!
It seems like yesterday that I kept him for the summer when he was just 3-4 months old.
Now he's 9!  Really?! Crazy.
(Again, I'm still learning and adjusting to staying on full manual. Sorry for the over exposure!)
Tonight, I kept my sister's kids so she and her husband could go out for a much-needed date night! They had Toby in tow, but since he's not yet at the stage of running around and talking all the time, he didn't cramp their style too much.

Tomorrow, the only thing on my schedule is a lunch date with my mom. Yes!! I've been trying to have one all week, but tomorrow is just the first time it's worked out. I love her so much, and time with her is so precious now that I'm not living at home anymore!

Saturday is our family Easter picnic and egg hunt. It should be loads of fun, and I'm sure I'll have loads of pictures to share from that as well. :) I'm keeping my brother's three boys Saturday evening so he and his wife can go out for a much-needed date! They don't have a one month old to take with them like my sister and her husband did though. It should be a fun evening with the boys, and hopefully they'll be exhausted form the egg hunt! :)

Aaaand on Sunday, I'm taking an in-person photography workshop with one of my "blog heroes." MckMama (aka Jennifer -- click this to go to her blog, btw!) is a very real and honest blogger who just so happens to be an amazing photographer as well. I've taken two online photography workshops with her, and I have seriously learned so much meat on staying manual from her that it's crazy. I'm SUPER excited to have the chance to meet her and hang out with our cameras for about 3 hours on Sunday! She is on a road trip with her 5 kids (pray for her!!) to different cities in the East, and Charlotte just so happens to be one of those cities! I'm so giddy with excitement. I just can't wait!

That, my friends, is my Spring Break so far. It may not have been as free and open-scheduled as I had originally planned, but it has most definitely been filled to the brim with lots of great little people, and it isn't even over yet! It will be soon enough though. And on Monday I'll get to go back to my 20 children whom I have honestly missed a lot since last Thursday. I think I'll enjoy my 7AM alarms until then though. I definitely haven't missed the 5:30AM alarms!


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