Friday, February 17, 2012

Running: the good, the bad, and ...the stinky

So, there are definitely some things that I love about running, some things I could do without while I run, and also some things that are down right stinky...literally. Let's start with the good first, shall we?

I love the feeling of exhilaration right after a good (or even bad at times) run. I think that's what is addicting for me. Such a rush!

I love the fact that Tim Tebow keeps telling me that I had a nice run on my Nike+ GPS app. It's happened three times now! And honestly, that may be the only name I've recognized. (They have a famous person tell you that you did a great job after each of your runs, and I usually have NO clue who the person is!)

I love running a race for a good cause.

I love this one little dog that is in a fenced in yard on one of the roads I run in my neighborhood. He barks his little head off at me, and he jumps so that he's almost above the fence even though he's a little ankle biter. It cracks me up every time I run by. I almost stopped to take a picture of him today, but I'm not fond of stopping while I run.

And of course, I love that my clothes seem to get bigger after I've been running consistently. (Although I'm still waiting for that one to happen right now!)

The bad...

Although I love that one little jumping bean of a dog, I do not enjoy big scary dogs that bark at me while I'm running. Although all of the dogs in my neighborhood are in fences (except one, and he has an electric collar), I have this crazy fear of them jumping the fence (or bounding through the electric fence) and attacking me. I just try to look straight ahead and not make any eye contact. That helps, right?

I do not enjoy people that do not go to the other side of the road while they're driving past a runner. Safety first, people!

And the stinky...

Monday is stinkday around here...otherwise known trash day in my neighborhood. If you know me in person, then you know that I have something called trashcanophobia. I avoid touching them at all costs, and when I must, I use a napkin. So, when I'm running on Mondays and trying to avoid the numerous trashcans lining the road, I have to hold my breath every few cans. Of course, not all trashcans stink, but the ones that do...really do. Yuck!

Another time that I have a hard time breathing is when a car drives by with someone smoking in it. No offense to anyone reading this that may smoke, but I find it rather stinky to inhale a lung full of secondhand smoke while I'm running. Maybe it makes me run a bit faster though!

Car exhaust is up there with cigarette smoke. It seems to linger longer though. I've almost turned around to run away from the stink before!

So, let's end with a love! I loved running 2.15 miles today in about 22 minutes! This is a much better pace than I've had since I started back. I'll run 5k tomorrow, and hopefully it'll be much closer to 30 minutes than it was a week ago! I'll let you know what happens. :)


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