Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cupid's Cup & my inspiration (aka my grandma)

Do you ever do something simply because it makes you think of someone you love?

Maybe you go to a particular restaurant or sit in a certain pew at church - all because that special someone liked going there or used to sit there. Maybe it's something that honors that person and helps you remember them in a special way.

That's what the Cupid's Cup 5k race is for me. This race benefits heart conditions. My grandma died [partly] due to congestive heart failure in December of 2009. In February of 2010, my cousin Cindy and I ran our first 5k together - The Cupid's Cup. I ran it again in 2011 (Cindy couldn't because she had a broken tail bone. Ouch!). Today, I ran it with Cindy.

All for my grandma.

She was such an amazing lady. Her love for my grandpa was so obvious and loud. She loved him and love him for years. When Grandpa was put in a nursing home in the summer of 2005, she didn't let it stop her from spending everyday with him and taking care of him as best as she could. She drove herself to the nursing home every single day for 4 years. She sat with him, made sure the nurses were taking care of him as best they could, and of course, there were often some times that she nagged him. The nagging was most definitely out of love though.

Even when Grandpa's mind started to slip and he didn't act like himself, still she drove to be with him everyday. Even when Grandma started getting sick herself, she insisted that we drive her to see Grandpa each day. She loved him with a strong love. Through the good and the bad, she loved him. And he loved her.

When it was obvious we were not able to care for Grandma the way she needed cared for anymore, she went to stay in the same nursing home as Grandpa. On the day Grandma died, Grandpa was taken to see her. He knew she wasn't doing well. So they sat together in the quiet. In the silence of what they knew was happening.

That night, Grandma went to see her Creator. She was also reunited with her oldest son, my Uncle Mike. Oh what a great day of rejoicing that was for her. Grandma was in the presence of her Savior, she no longer felt pain from missing her son, and she was able to walk without growing tired again. 

This morning, I may not have ran my fastest 5k. However, I did run beside a great friend and cousin, and together we ran for Grandma. 

It was a great race. Can't wait until next year!


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