Saturday, February 4, 2012

international readers

I was just fiddling around on blogger, and I figured out how to see where people are that read my blog.  People from China, Russia, Germany, Australia, Canada, Guatemala (hey, Darby!!), and umm...a couple other places...have read my blog!  WOW!!  That's so cool. Of course, most of the readers are from the United States, and most of those page views probably include my momma (hi, Mom!).  It's still neat to see where people are though!

So, hi everyone!!!  Happy Saturday. :)

PS - I've changed the name of my blog, and the layout will change soon as well!  I'm now at (no more roadrunnerwannabe). I figured since I've been posting more about life in general instead of specifically about running, I should change things up a bit. :)


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