Tuesday, August 2, 2011

long lost blogger

Well, I don't seem to be very good at this blogging thing. I do pretty good for a couple days, but then it just goes downhill. Here's a tiny update:

I haven't been able to sew much because my sewing room has been a complete MESS for the past several months.
Running has been at a stand still (ha!) because of the heat.
I bought a house.
School is about to start, which means work is about to start back up for me. I'm pretty pumped about being on a "normal" schedule again.

Oh...did you catch that I bought a house? YAY!! I snapped a quick picture of the "SOLD" sign:

In less than a month (28 days to be exact...I guess that would be a month if the month just happened to be February on an off leap year, but that's getting too technical), I'll be moving out of my parents' house (whom I very dearly love) and into my own! WOO!! I don't have any good pictures right now to share with you, but I'll definitely share them when I do!

Speaking of my new house (hehe - my house - I like the sound of that!), I've been trying to get things done for it. I found a steal of a deal on craigslist for a table and 4 chairs for only $60. My parents went with me to check it out (Daddy's big red truck comes in handy!), and with Mom consistently pointing out all of the flaws, I talked the guy down to $40.

I sanded them all down, and I'm now in the process of painting them. Dad needs to do a little fixing up on the table, but it'll be great when it's all said and done!

This is the table before sanding. (hmm, I may have sanded a little before snapping this picture, actually.)

Half way done sanding the table top. It took FOREVER! But, it's now ready for a new finish!

Here are the chairs after being sanded. They'll just be white (I thought about an accent color for the seats - still not too sure about that though). I'd like to get 2 more chairs.

So, there you have it. I'll be out of the p-rents' house at the end of this month, and in a home of my own! I'll update you on the furniture process as it comes along. And there will be lots of pictures to come, of course! :)


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