Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Home sweet home

Well, I haven't moved in yet. I still haven't closed yet. That happens in 6 days - woo!! I have, however, gotten lots of things lined up for the house...

*Security, internet, and DishNetwork will all be installed/hooked on the 31st, the day after I close.
*My new fridge (Thanks, Mom and Dad!!!) will be delivered on the 31st (that's a week from today, hehe).
*Utilities are set to switch to my name next week. (No deposit needed. Great credit scores rock!)
*My paint colors have been chosen and are just itching to cover all of the white walls in the house. Well, I reckon I'm the one itching to cover the white walls. I love color too much to live in a white house.
*Fabric for my windows in the kitchen, living room, and my sewing studio (I like the sound of sewing studio better than sewing room) are all picked out. I had to order 18 yards (18 YARDS, people!! EEK!) for the kitchen and living room and 7 for my sewing studio. My sewing studio fabric has arrived - I'll pick it up tomorrow evening after the guy that's buying my chicken coop comes by (aka - after I get paid for the chicken coop and I have cash for the fabric). The fabric for my kitchen and living room has been back ordered...or something like that. The lady said to cross my fingers and hope it comes in next week's shipment. ACK! This is a staple in my space, people! I need it! Please pray. :)
*I have maybe about 10 boxes packed so far. Yeah...not a lot, I know. I'm getting there!!
*My house is all I can seem to think about for about 85% of my day.
*My final "walk through" (umm - to make sure the sellers did what they said they would?) is Friday afternoon. I can't wait!! I always get so excited when I get to see my house. lol
*Oh, and I'm officially cleared by the bank to close!!! Woo!!

I think that's all. I've been pretty busy with this house stuff lately, but it's been a lot of fun. I think I drive my friends and family crazy talking about it so much. Oh well. :)


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  1. You have a right to be excited and I am excited for you. I also so very proud of how you have managed all this major decision in your life. I love you, baby child.