Monday, January 10, 2011

a new year, and some new knees!

I've been terrible with keeping up with this blog! My apologies. :)

I went running yesterday. Ran 5k. And I had no knee pain at all. None! Zip! Nada!! That's the first run since September that I didn't have knee pain afterward. I think I'm back in the game, folks! It's so much easier to go for a run when you're not afraid of killing your knees again.

So, I have a goal for myself. I was supposed to run the Disney Marathon today, but I didn't because of my knee. My goal is now to train over this year so that I can run the Disney Marathon next year. I know I can do it - I have no doubt about that. I just have to set my mind to it and just do it. I think training for a year will help me to do it slowly so that I don't have another injury.

Considering that a year ago, I was still only running about 8 minutes at a time (using the C25K plan), I think I'm doing pretty good...even if I didn't run a full marathon today. :)

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