Saturday, November 13, 2010

What a gorgeous day, and a glorious run!

I think I'm finally back into the game, folks!! After running my half marathon in September, I have basically been out of commission when it comes to my running because of my knees. I tried resting them, but that didn't do enough to help me get back on my feet and running again.

Finally, after talking with several coworkers, I decided to bite the bullet and new running shoes. I've had my old ones for about 6 or 7 months now probably, so I was pretty overdue on some new ones. I also got a knee brace, and I talked with a coworker's husband (he's a doctor) about some exercises I can do to strengthen and help heal my knees (he told me I most likely have runner's knee). Sooo...coupled with all of those things, I think my knees are finally better!!!!...or at least on the mend. :)

I went running this morning, and it was GREAT! I ran 5.23 miles, and I felt like I could run more. I stopped mainly because I was coming to the part in my route that has tons of hills, and I don't want to overdo it with hills in fear of overworking my knees too soon. So, I went for 5.23 miles and decided to walk the rest (probably about another mile). I'll be stretching soon and will probably ice my knees a little since that's what the doctor ordered - I just wanted to post my excitement first. :)

Now to figure out a plan to get me up to a marathon distance by January! :)

I took this picture on my run today. I absolutely love how sunlight dances through the gorgeous-colored leaves during fall. Just wish pictures truly displayed this beauty!


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  1. Its good you are taking no chances on hurting your knee again. Love you - and so proud of you,