Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day

Well, we've had our second "big" snow of our winter season already, and it's only the second week of January? Good gravy! So, because of our 7+ inches of snow, we had no work (school) today, and we'll be out tomorrow as well.

Having gone for a run on Saturday and not feeling any pain whatsoever, I was pretty excited about getting back into a training regime for my running. But, today's snow has put a road block up. Arg. I decided that I'd pull out my WiiFit game for some exercise this evening. I must say that I forgot how difficult those things can be! Woo!

So, seeing as how I'm one that needs to have a plan, I think I've come up with a semi-plan for now. I'm going to do the Cooper River Bridge Run (10k in Charleston, SC) in April. I'm hoping to train enough to get my time under an hour for the run. That gives me 3 months to train for it. I know I could run 10k right now, but I really want to improve my time and make sure it's a good race for me. I'm also planning to run an 8k in May (I think it's May...), with some 5k runs scattered here and there throughout.

As much as I hated canceling my Disney Marathon run, I also know that it was for the best because my knees really would not have been able to handle the 26 miles I would have run. So, I'm going to make the best of my pain-free knees and go from there. I'm hoping to train over this whole year towards the Disney Marathon for next year. That's my New Year's Resolution! :)

Happy running, friends!


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