Sunday, June 13, 2010

6 miles - woo!! (W1D3 done)

My 5mi run on Wednesday turned into 4mi, and my 6mi run yesterday turned into only about 1mi. The heat has REALLY gotten to me!! But, today was a new day, and I made my 6mi run!!! Of course, I did it at 8:30PM since it wasn't too hot outside at that time. It actually felt nice to be running, and I loved it.

Of course, since it was getting dark outside, the little critters were all starting to come out for the evening. I ran into countless bugs, had one up my nose and one in my mouth at some point. I jumped a few feet in the air twice when I ran across some frogs hopping across the road. But, the best part of my run (not those those things were necessarily good...just memorable!) was at the beginning. When I headed out, the sky was a GORGEOUS pink color as the sun was setting. If you know anything about me, you'd know that I love love pink, and this pink was of no exception! It was even better since God created that hue right there in the sky...never again to be created or seen. I tried taking a picture of it while I was running, but it didn't quite turn out....since I was running, of course. lol

Okay. I'm done rambling!! All in all, aside from the bugs and frogs, I had a marvelous run tonight!! I did 6mi in about 1hr 2min. And, I'm now officially done with Week1 of my half-marathon training.

Maybe I'm getting closer to being a Road Runner. *meep meep!*


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