Friday, May 4, 2012

high fives and smiles

I teach at the best school ever. Seriously.

Our principal is amazing. He has a heart for the Lord, and a heart for the children that set foot into his building each day.

Our school is packed full of amazing teachers. They support each other and celebrate with each other.

The PTO and parent support is crazy. They rock it out with raising money for the school, and it's amazing how many parent volunteers we have coming in every day.

And the students. They make us laugh everyday, they have fun learning, and they make work enjoyable.

I love my school!

Today was no exception.

Next week, students in 3-5 grade will take our state test, the PASS. It's tough. It's long. And honestly, boring. 3 days (4 for 4th graders) of tests. yay.

Our principal loves to encourage the students in any way he can, so the first year the school was open (2 years ago), he started a huge PASS pep rally. SO much fun!

The younger students (k-2) line the hallways, and while the 3-5 grade students walk to the gym, the younger ones cheer them on. Very loud. Very exciting.

It makes me tear up every year. Yes, I'm a sap.

The kids love it. The little kids, the big kids. It's such a sense of excitement and togetherness as a whole school.

Today was this year's PASS pep rally.

The teachers had just as much fun as the kids! Lisa was having fun pumping the younger kids up while the older kids made their way to the gym.

And when the older kids started coming, it was even more exciting! Of course, the younger kids don't fully understand what's happening - they just enjoy the fact that I told them they could be as loud as they could. ha It was a nice release for some of the little ones in my class!

Too many high fives to count.

Too many smiles to count.

But one lasting memory. A memory of unity, encouragement, and genuine fun.

(Our principal wasn't able to be here today because his wife had a baby this week. I'm sure he greatly missed being here today, but I'm also sure he knew we had some great people to help carry on without him!)


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