Monday, August 30, 2010

running is a psychological sport

Well, first, I wanted to post the link to my LLS fund raising website. Please take a look and consider a donation! Even just $20 would go a long way in helping to find a cure and support blood cancer patients!!

Okay, now back to the psychological side of running. I've been quickly increasing my mileage to cram for my half marathon that's just two weekends away from this coming weekend (EEK!!). Today, I did 6mi, and it went pretty well - except for the part that took me into the woods for a quick potty stop. I know, I'm crazy and ridiculous, but there's no way I could have kept going! lol

Anyhoo, back to my point. The route that I run is roughly about 3mi, so increasing my mileage is a bit tough sometimes whenever I have to run it twice. My mind focuses on the fact that I have 5 more hills to run, or I have 3 more streets to turn down. I get distracted away from my running and start thinking about how far is left based on the route. So, to help with this, I've started running new roads in the neighborhood that I run in. This helps so much, and I'm finding myself flying through my runs (mentally - they still take the same amount of time lol) without having to remind myself to focus on my running. It's crazy how much running down a new run makes me feel like my run is going faster than if I had gone the original route. Whatever works though!! :D

Don't forget to check out my LLS fund raising website - - to find out why I'm training for the Disney Marathon! You can also donate directly on the website! Super simple! :D

Happy running, friends.

From my latest 5k race - Rock N Run in Charlotte, NC.


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